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The Lack of Financial Aid Guidance that Students Face

. Problem — Financial Aid is neglecting many students and institutions are not providing adequate resources to assist students.

. Solution — Empower students with information to better equip them for their future career collegiate aspirations and suggest that institutions dedicate…

The Who? What? When? And Where? of Afrofuturism.

By: Shanel Thompson

I never knew too much about what “Afrofuturism” was, but I knew whenever I heard it I would automatically think of something straight out of the 70’s & 80’s. I dreamt of something psychedillic, futuristic, and always “out of…

Declining Minority News: What Does The Future Hold?

By: Shanel Thompson

Audiences in the two largest racial, and ethnic minority groups aren’t watching as much news as they used to. Television channels have not evolved their programming, and are losing their audiences.

According to Pew’s research black and Hispanic independent…


My conversation with Ani began sitting on a velvet burgundy couch in dim-light setting with a glass of Pinot, and a Grandmaster cocktail, at a speakeasy in lower Manhattan.

“I think the biggest thing was trying to create a space that reflected our culture, and our values…

Speaking your love language

By: Shanel Thompson

Nothing speaks better than expressing a certain love you have for your significant other. Even if you’re in the beginning of the dating honey moon stage, speaking someone’s love language can be the absolute best thing to keeping your relationships afloat. I honestly…

Are You In Good Dating Hands?

By: Shanel Thompson

Dating has been around since we could slam rocks together to make fire obviously, but are we getting too old for the casual “meet and greets” in today’s world?

Clearly, I have been living under a rock, and I’m super old…

Shanel Thompson


“You’re really pretty for a dark-skinned girl.” We hear it all the time, mostly from predominantly African American men. It’s like you have to ask yourself as a dark skinned woman “Should I say Thank You?” or “Should I be offended?” How do you respond to that…

10 Things I Wish Men Knew

Shanel Thompson

Men don’t understand there are a lot of qualities women possess when it comes to Money, Power, and Respect, as Lil’ Kim would say. And while we have a lot in common, there are differences in approach and preference. I’m here to…

Nelly T

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